Pediatric Prosthetics

How it works

We provide Upper and lower limb Prosthetics for children. We also provide sports variety of prosthesis that help them with sports and other specific children activities. We customize the prostheses accordingly to fit the child and help them with rehabilitation as well as psychological counseling to help them deal with the change. So the children, the parents and the Prosthetists are much more involved in the entire process of fitting the child with a prosthetic limb. Our aim is to make the children feel as comfortable as we can and get them fitted with a prosthesis that enables them to be a child as you all know fitting of prosthesis to a child is very challenging than adult, although the fitment process and principle remains same.

Children need prosthesis either due to a congenital defect that has left them without a limb or absence of limb  and necessary amputation due to diseases or an accident. We provide your child help for all of these conditions.

A child is eligible or need for prosthetics when they are able to stand on their own, usually at 9-12 months of age. If your child has a congenital defect for which a prosthesis is needed, it is advised that you get him/her fitted with prosthesis  at this age for better acceptance. So that the child can sit, stand, walk and even run around.

Children need special attention and rehabilitation, and hence they need to be checked by the clinician at least once in every six months and they need a change of socket every year to accord with their growing bodies to accommodate for better socket fitting   till they are eighteen. we do regular follow up on our pediatric patients with diligence and also make sure that nothing is restricting them when they want to do what they desire.
We keep the children’s needs in our mind while fitting prosthesis, and hence fit them with only the prosthetics that match the highly active lifestyles of  the children.

Pediatric Prosthesis Options

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  • Upper Limb Prosthetics (Passive hand, Mechanical and Myo-electric etc.)
  • Lower Limb Prosthetics
  • Sports Prosthetic Designs
  • Cosmetic Restorations

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