Dr.Dibakar Patra

Director, Quantum Healthcare, Inc.
Sr. Consultant Prosthetist & Orthotist.

Meet Dr.Dibakar Patra

Director, Quantum Healthcare, Inc.
Sr. Consultant Prosthetist & Orthotist.

Dr. Dibakar Patra is a RCI( Rehabilitation Council Of India) registered Prosthetist & Orthotist. An American BOC Board Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist. A member of AOPA( American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association) and A life member of OPAI(Orthotics & Prosthetics Association Of India). He has received his Bachelor Degree of Science in Prosthetics & Orthotics from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, India in 2002.

Worked with Hanger Orthopedic,Inc for seven years as an American BOC board certified Clinical Prosthetist & Orthotist and an Upper Extremity Prosthetics Specialist of Los Angeles area. Working in USA, Dr. Patra has gained immense knowledge in rehabilitating patients with compassion for their prosthetic and orthotic needs. During his seven years of experience in California,USA Dr. Patra has closely worked with several Rehabilitation Hospitals, Clinics and leading manufacturers to provide world class Prosthetic and Orthotic solutions for patients as per their requirements.

Dr. Patra is the first Clinician in INDIA who has successfully fitted functional waterproof five finger movement Myo electric control prostheses with shoulder joint, electronic elbow and wrist rotator for an eight years old boy of Bi-lateral shoulder disarticulation very higher level of upper limb amputation. Also he is the first Clinician who has successfully fitted i-digits robotic(design, dexterity & intelligent motions) prostheses for transcarpal amputations. He has successfully fitted thousands of Myo electric, microprocessor robotic upper extremity prostheses and lower extremity hi-tech prostheses during his last seventeen years of experience in India and internationally as well.

He is an internationally certified clinician, highly skilled and extremely passionate of upper extremity Myo-electric control and microprocessor control prosthesis like I-limb hand/digits, Be-Bionic hand, Myo hand, Dynamic Arm, Utah Arm3+,Hybrid elbows and electronic elbows etc.

He is certified to fit Microprocessor control prosthetic knees like C- leg, Genium knee, Rheo knee3, Rheo knee XC, Power knee, Intelligent knee etc. He is also specialized in hi-tech pneumatic, hydraulic and remote control prostheses and Orthoses.

Dr. Patra has been providing his clinical expertise for last Seventeen years very passionately about giving the best quality Orthopedic devices and customized solutions to patients as per their requirement. He has a special interest in applying new innovations, technologies and skin friendly materials to bring an unique perspective to patient care in Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Dr. Patra is always believe in providing best technology for his patients to achieve maximum level of rehabilitation to make them independent in their daily life activities in an affordable cost. So he is involved in various research activities of hi-tech products with ” MAKE IN INDIA ” concept to reduce the increasing cost of imported prosthetic and Orthotic products in INDIA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How soon after my amputation will I be able to walk?

That depends on how quickly you heal. A healthy person with good circulation and no post-operative complications might be ready to use a temporary prosthesis 4 or 5 weeks after surgery.

How often should I see my prosthetist or orthotist after my device is delivered?

You should return to Quantum Healthcare at least twice a year to be sure that it retains optimum fit and that it remains safe and functional. Some components have specific maintenance requirements which will be discussed at the time of delivery.

Will it hurt to walk with my prosthesis?

No. Your prosthetist will suggest a break-in schedule so that you can become accustomed to your socket without experiencing discomfort. If your prosthesis hurts, call your prosthetist.

Do you provide emergency services?

Yes we provide emergency services. In case of emergency you can call or whatsapp at: +91-9937083229 or email us at: quantumhealthcare2018@gmail.com

My device needs an adjustment. Do I need to get a prescription from my physician?

Probably not – adjustments that do not change the fundamental nature of the device do not require a prescription.

Can I take a shower with my prosthesis on?

Generally No, but in certain cases it depends if it was designed specifically for swimming or bathing.

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