Cosmetic Restoration

How it works

The most advanced, custom made high-definition silicone cosmetic covers can be manufactured for most upper limb amputees. These match the size, shape and features of the individual’s sound-side limb to any desired detail. An impression is taken of the sound-side limb and is used as an anatomical model to craft a matching cover.

Prosthetic options for amputations:

Individual fingers normally have a feathered edge to blend seamlessly with the hand. These are normally attached through a suction fit.

High definition silicone partial hand replacement can provide clients with passive function such as counter pressure when grasping objects. Custom high definition silicone prostheses are also suitable for partial hand restoration. Partial hand can be fitted to residual limb in different ways depending on the amputation level.

The degree of detail of these prostheses is so highly customized and individual that they are remarkably lifelike.
The loss of a finger produces significant functional deficiencies. In addition to immediate loss of grasp strength and security, finger absence also may cause marked psychological trauma. Although the intensity of this trauma varies among individuals, the psychological impact is not related to the magnitude of amputation.
If the client has movement in the remaining portion of the finger, the silicone prostheses can restore some lost function of the finger. The silicone prostheses also protects the sensitive tip of the finger from further trauma.

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